Design a Business You Love

You’re building your business, one brilliant decision after another, and reaching those milestones you’ve set out for yourself.

The only thing is, you’re working long hours and you’re wearing too many hats to stay on top of your projects and team.  While you see others building their success, while traveling and enjoying life.  

If you’re like me, you started your business to have more freedom to do what you want, when you want, and with the people you want so let’s make sure we get you (and keep you) there.

Did you know...

Studies have shown that the average professional loses at least one hour each day due to a lack of systems.  Let’s put that in numbers…  Let’s say you or someone on your team earns…

  • $125k ~ that’s a $16,000 loss
  • $275k ~ that’s a $35,000 loss
  • $455k ~ that’s a $58,000 loss

I can keep going but you get the point!  How many people do you have on your team and how much do you think you’re losing?  

It’s something we can easily fix by setting up the right systems & workflows in your business.

SYSTEMs ➡ Save You Space, Time, Energy & Money!

Simply me...

I understand all too well how overwhelming this whole process can be.  For the past 3 decades, I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs just like you, take their business to the next level by helping them find the tools & solutions that fit with their personality & business style and I’d love to help you as well.  

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Athenee.  Entrepreneurship is in my blood, it has always been part of my family.  The life of an entrepreneur is exciting but at the same time, it can take a toll on you.  And that’s not what we signed up for, right?  I think it’s really important to experience life, have fun, and enjoy life’s little moments so that we can truly show up in our business as our authentic selves, with more zest & energy.

For the past 30 years or so, I’ve worked with countless entrepreneurs who have busy lives, running successful businesses.  Getting them from being busy & feeling overwhelmed to falling in love with their business again.  All by getting clear on what truly matters, where they want to spend their time and energy, and then setting up their business in a way that works for them.   

"Athenée is my Behind the Scenes Queen!"

Ways for us to work together...


Let’s get your business Organized & Streamlined.  We’ll focus on key areas in your business, e.g. Design Your Business HQs, Manage your Week like a CEO, Create Your Client Experience, …  This is your Hybrid Program.  

Your Mastermind includes:
Strategy Sessions ✓
Mastermind Sessions ✓
Weekly Tutorials ✓
Office Hours ✓
Online Community ✓

[Investment appr. $500]


You have all the ideas, you just don’t have the time or energy to figure out how to implement them all.  This is where I’ll take all those ideas and create a step-by-step plan for you with all the right tech & systems for your business. 

The Audit includes:
Your Clarity Session ✓
System Audit ✓
Workflow Assessment ✓
Your Vision Session ✓
30-Day Support ✓ 

[Investment is $1500]


You’re a Visionary and you’re always coming up with ideas for your business but the thought of having to implement everything is soul sucking.  Let me handle the tech & systems so that you can focus what matters.

Your Monthly Plan includes:
Your Clarity Session ✓
Systems & Workflow Audit ✓
Strategy Session ✓
Step-by-Step Report ✓
Integrator on Speed Dial 

[Investment starts at $1500/mo]


You’re the driving force behind your business:
✨ You’re constantly making decisions
✨ You’re constantly improving
✨ You’re on top of things

And then there are days…
when it feels like you’re on
a never-ending hamster wheel,
constantly chasing one thing after another.

🚩 You feel stuck
🚩 You can’t focus
🚩 You’ve run out of ideas
🚩 You have too many ideas
🚩 Your boundaries are out of whack

Or maybe you need a sounding board to go over your next big project? 

Let’s clear what’s holding you back from moving forward so that your energy & creativity can flow again.✨