Let’s Plan out 2022!

Can you believe 2022 is just 2 months away?  Crazy, right?

Now is actually the perfect time to get you ready for 2022 and I’ve got just the thing for you.  But before I share what that is, let me ask you this ~ What does success look like to you?  Is it… 

  • Do you want to increase your profit?
  • Do you want more freedom?
  • Do you want to grow your team?
  • Do you want more visibility?
  • Or maybe you want more time with family & friends.

Success is different for everyone and it can also change from time to time.  Let’s say this year you had a killer year but you worked crazy hours, so your focus for 2022 is going to be simplifying & streamlining your business so that you can hire a team.  Or, let’s say this year you focused on branding and your new signature offer so your focus for 2022 is going to be on visibility and sales.  Or… maybe you worked crazy long hours this year, put all your energy in your business, but you were all over the place so your success was kinda ‘meh’.

No matter what kind of year you’re having, it’s time for you to be intentional about your business and where you get to spend your time & energy in 2022!


Are you ready to make 2022 your Big Year?

Let’s do this!  Give me 4 few weeks and I’ll get you laser-focused on your goals for 2022 and actually put your plan in place while having me and a team of amazing women to support you!  During our time together we’ll cover these important areas:



Get clear on what success looks like to you and what you want to focus on in 2022.

Ask most successful entrepreneurs and they’ll tell you that their way to success was knowing exactly what they wanted and getting laser-focused on it!  So week one we’ll get you to know exactly what you want accomplish in 2022.



Spend your time & energy on the things that matter and have a system for the rest. 

Where most people stumble is staying focused on what really matter and that’s usually because they don’t have the systems to support them. You’ll walk away with systems that are simple to use so that it’s easy for you to follow through.


Stay focused and on track, even during those busy and stressful times. 

Life as an entrepreneur can feel like a rollercoaster sometimes, going from amazing moments to days where you feel like it’s all too much.  I’ll show you my success method that has helped my clients easily manage their business while still having the time to live the life they love.  


Wrap up the experience with our final session and your personalized Action Plan.

Way too many times I’ve seen people go through a training program, ending up never implementing what they’ve learned.  Not here!  During our last week together, you’ll have time to implement everything we’ve covered so that you walk away ready to start 2022!

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Here's how it's going to go...

Each Friday you’ll receive an email from me with a short video and action sheets for you to create your own personalized experience.  We’ll meet on Zoom that following Tuesday to cover that week’s topic and there will be time for hot seats so that you can get one:on:one support from me.  Ready to sign up?  Click here!

Our Schedule

Your weekly Friday emails will start November 12th and our weekly Zoom sessions will be the following Tuesdays:

  • November 16th at 2p EST
  • November 23rd at 2p EST
  • November 30th at 2p EST
  • December 7th at 2p EST 

Can’t make it live?  No worries ~ the sessions will be recorded.

Here's what's included:

  • Weekly videos that you can watch at any time
  • Weekly live sessions & hot seats
  • Action sheets to create your personalized experience & roadmap
  • A library of resources to help you along the way
  • Recordings of our Zoom Sessions.
  • Personalized feedback from me!

Your Investment is only $500

I want to make sure that everyone gets the attention they deserve so I decided to do this with a small group so seats are limited.  Sign up now if you want in!  Have questions?  I’m here for you.