Yesss!  You just signed on a new client and you’re both super excited to get started! 🎉

So what’s next?  Does she get the welcome experience?  Does she know what to do, what to expect, or where to go to find you or anything she needs?  And what happens when your work together is done?   Are you leaving money on the table by just ‘letting her go’? 

What about you?  Does this entire process come easy to you or are you always putting things together as you go?  ⁣You know, the duct-tape solution.


When working together, we simplify & streamline the entire process so that you can focus on your clients and not having to worry about things like all the follow-up emails, links, shared files, and every other little detail that needs to take place. 

Your Team will thank you for it and…


Your clients get to experience your awesomeness! 🤩

Join me...

This May, join me and an intimate group of smart women where you’ll create the best client experience for your clients.  Together we’ll cover these important areas:

Week 1. Your Welcome Journey

Let’s create a welcome experience your clients will love & enjoy while also having clarity on what’s going to happen while working with you. 

While also creating a system that will support you and your team.  


Week 2. Your Client Experience

It’s time to find the best platform or system to share your work with your clients.  One that fits your personality and the type of service you offer.  We’ll also look at the best ways to track & stay in touch with your clients without overwhelming you or your team.  

Week 3. Your Nurture Process

This is when we’ll cover the best ways to wrap up your work together, how to collect testimonials, and ways to stay in touch so that you don’t just leave money on the table.

Plus, I’ll also show you how to best manage and organize everything. 


Week 4. Implementation Time

Too many times I’ve seen people go through trainings and then end up never implementing what they’ve learned.  So during our last week together you’ll have time to implement and we’ll wrap it up with a live zoom where you’ll get personalized feedback from me. 

This session alone is worth the entire investment of the program!  

Here's how it's going to go

Each Monday you’ll receive an email with a short video and action sheets for you to create your own personalized client experience.  We’ll meet on Zoom the following Thursdays to cover that week’s topic and there will be time for hot seats so that you can get some one:on:one support. 

Your Client Experience Program is only $500 and includes:

  • Weekly videos that you can watch at any time
  • Weekly live sessions & hot seats
  • Action sheets to create your personalized Client Experience
  • Templates you can implement right away 

Our Live Calls Schedule

Each Monday (starting May 2nd), you’ll receive your video & action sheet and our Live calls will be the following Thursdays at 2p Eastern Time: 

  1. Simplify Your Onboarding on May 5th
  2. Enjoy The Experience on May 12th
  3. Stay In Touch on May 19th
  4. Implementation Time on May 25th

I’m interested but have a question.  Please click here to email me directly