Let Aruba Spark Your Senses...

Welcome to my home away from home ~ Aruba, also known as our One Happy Island.  

It’s time to unplug and simply enjoy island life for a bit.  It’s my way of recharging and sparking my senses so that I can take charge of my life & business again.  

I’m inviting you to join me and I’m making it super simple for you:  All you have to do is book your ticket, pack your bags, and hop on a plane. 

6 Days to enjoy…

  • Relaxation & Pampering
  • Beach & Pool Time
  • Exploring Aruba’s Nature
  • Sunset Happy Hours
  • Dinner on the Water
  • Juicy Business Conversations

Uhhh, yeah!  Where do I sign up?! 

Picture this...

The ocean breeze, beach days, and dinner with friends.  It’s a whole vibe and it’s energetically inspiring.  

  • No stress
  • No distractions
  • No boring Zooms or meeting rooms

This is where you & your business come to life!

I’ve designed this retreat for you to enjoy, relax, and feel refreshed.  We’ll have fun in the sun, get pampered, and relish sunset dinners on the water.

For me, it’s all about giving you the island life experience.  

Aruba will ignite your creativity and I’m here to help you solve big problems and organize your next steps.  You’ll have an elite group of women in your corner to collaborate with.  

Explore Aruba

I’ll take you to some of my favorite spots in Aruba.  I’ve carefully organized our time together so that there’s a healthy balance between adventures and relaxation.   Here are a few things you can participate in:

  • Sun & fun at the beach
  • Morning nature walks (for the early risers)
  • Touring Aruba’s wild side ~ you’ll see wild donkeys & goats,  explore caves, and swim in Aruba’s Natural Pool ❤︎
  • Boat fun for some ocean therapy ~ you can even go snorkeling if you’d like. 

I believe that by unplugging and stepping into nature, your best ideas will come shining through and I’ll help you integrate them into an actual plan.  

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Keep in mind that everything is optional.  

  • Do you love to explore early nature walks?  Great, join us. Would you rather sleep in?  No problem, we’ll see you when we come back. 
  • Excited to join our boat trip?  Awesome!  Would you rather stay home and get some rest, that’s perfectly OK too!

Imagine Yourself Here...

You’re feeling the ocean breeze, seeing the Caribbean colors in the ocean, and enjoying the most spectacular sunsets.  This is where you & your business come to life.  It’s the perfect place for us to get together, have fun, and get new business perspectives from industry elites.  

Want to go for a quick swim in the ocean?  Simply cross the street and jump right in.  You’ll find some of the best snorkeling spots just a few minutes away.  Or maybe you feel like hanging out by the pool?  You can do that too.

Your home away from home is waiting for you ~ away from all the busy-ness, ready for you to get down to business!

Aruba’s sea breeze will bring in fresh new ideas
Its crystal-clear water will show you new opportunities
And its vibrant sunsets will bring your new ideas to life!​

Join me in Aruba...

I can’t tell you how excited I am to invite you to Aruba, my home away from home. 💕  

It’s time to unplug and let Aruba spark your creative juices.  I’ll show you my favorite spots, have you try some local dishes, and experience our island hospitality.  I’ll even make you my famous homemade Aruba Fruit Punch (with or without that rum). 🍹

You’ll go home feeling recharged & ready to take on the next step in your business. ☀️

Space is Limited!

This will be an intimate group of women.  I’ll personally select everyone to make sure you are in the right room with the right people.  Let’s get on a call to see if this is the right fit for you

There are payment plans available.

Why Me & Why Aruba

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Athenee.  I live in the US but I’m from Aruba and I’ll always be an island girl by heart.  My grandparents owned the first hotel in Aruba – Basi Ruti – so I spent most of my childhood on the beach during the late 60s and early 70s.  And yes, that’s my butt you see in that picture! 🤣

Entrepreneurship runs in my family, and it’s part of who I am.  However, being an entrepreneur can be both exciting and exhausting.  And that’s not what we signed up for, right?  That’s why I believe it’s crucial to enjoy life’s little moments, have fun, and experience life to show up as our authentic selves with more energy and enthusiasm.  

For over 30 years, I’ve worked with numerous entrepreneurs who lead busy lives running successful businesses.  I help them fall in love with their business again by identifying what truly matters, where they want to invest their time and energy, and setting up their business accordingly.

Creating experiences comes naturally to me, whether it’s working with clients, spending time with friends, or hosting live events.  I still remember organizing my very first event in 1994 for The International Conference for United Colors of Benetton.  Wait, that was almost 30 years ago! How time flies!

I believe that disconnecting and embracing our playful side often leads to our best ideas.  With Aruba’s white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, you can’t go wrong.  Let’s explore it together.

If you’re interested, let’s schedule a call to see if this is the right fit for you!