Let's get you from Stuck & Overwhelm to Clarity & Confidence!

Are you overwhelmed by all the things you need to do?
It's time to clear the clutter and get you laser-focused on your goals

Do you have an idea but just not sure where to start?
A Strategy Session will help you clarify your vision & plan your strategy

Are you working long hours but not accomplishing much?
It's time to implement the tools & systems that'll save you time, money, and energy

Have you reached a plateau in your business?
It's time to take a deep dive to see where you can grow & scale your business.

Running an online business can be rewarding and overwhelming all at the same time but it doesn't have to be that way.  It's time to take control of your life & business again and I'm here for you.  It all comes down to getting clarity, implementing the right systems, and focusing to get the important shit done!


Get Clarity


Implement Systems


Get Shit Done!

From Analysis Paralysis to Clarity & Action!

Let's face it, you've done all the googling, training, and reading on topics to simplify your business - like project management, productivity, digital marketing, workflow automation,.... you name it!  But when it comes to implementing them into your own business you get into analysis paralysis!  

Where do I start?  What tools do I need?  How does all this work?!

Stop wasting days, weeks, or even months trying to reinvent the wheel!  Let's get together and get you from stuck to instant action!  For the past 30 years, I've worked with entrepreneurs just like you go from chaos to order & peace of mind and I can do the same for you.

Here are the ways we can work together:


Your QuickStart Strategy

Do you just need a quick Strategy Session? This is great if you need to brainstorm an idea, get clarity on your goals, or need to overcome a roadblock that's holding you back.  This is a one-hour call that will give you the clarity to get you to move forward.


Your VIP Day

It's time for Clarity, Strategy, and Action!  I get it, the biggest obstacles I've seen in my 30 years of working with entrepreneurs are lack of focus, systems, and consistency!

This is a full day with me where we implement the systems you need to create massive success!

We'll start off with a Strategy Session with an action plan to get you there.  We'll then book a full virtual day together where we'll implement the systems you need to get you there in one day. Rather than trying to figure out the ins and outs of each tool and system.


Your Partnership Program

This is The Works!  It includes all of the above PLUS we'll work together for 90 days where I'll be your silent business partner.

After our VIP day, we'll get on weekly calls for support, cover any questions, and to make sure you're staying on track.

We'll also do a monthly audit where we can adjust your goals if needed.

Not sure what's the right fit for you?

Click here to book your Clarity Call. Together we'll see what's the best fit for you!

What they're saying...

"Thanks, Athenee for helping me ‘keep on keeping on’ and for keeping even an organized person’s business - ULTRA ORGANIZED - You are an awesome, uber-intelligent business-woman and friend!"  Pamela S

"My consulting business is much stronger and more efficient because of the work I’ve done with you. Because of this, I was able to grow my business and generate more income. Plus, I’m now able to offer more value to my clients."  William W

"I really appreciate your commitment to customer learning and making sure we are achieving goals, not just going through the motion."  Georgia P

"Athenee, your training sessions are ah-mazing! I’m learning & implementing so much. I know you hear this all the time but it can’t be said enough! So much clarity!"  Nicole B
"Athenee, I swear to you: I would’ve never been able to do it without your program. You were the final piece of the puzzle."  Halima S

"Athenee - I couldn’t sleep last night and thought I would listen to music and somehow, it started playing your session on organizing. How did that happen?  Incredible. I think I couldn’t sleep for that very reason - feeling overwhelmed. Today I feel centered & focused on the very ideas you talked about."  Suzana K

"Athenee, your webinar made such an impact on me. You definitely need to get out and let the world know about you."  Ilze B

Just some of the clients I've worked with...

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